Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ratu Felisha Full Controversy

Biography of Ratu Felisha

Borned in 16 October 1982, Ratu Felisha start know by Indonesian people from her naughty pose in FHM a man magazine. Usually make many controversy in her life make Ratu Felisha rise her popularity in public, with naughty opinion. Her pose in any pictures hunts by many Indonesian people, especially in internet.

Ratu Felisha or called as Feli ever staring some Cinema television, but her name become most popular after a controversial film Buruan Cium Gue, that many critics to that film in 2004 because can make bad influence to the youth. A popular Da'i in Indonesia call this film as Buruan Zinahi Gue. Feli ever staring some cinema televisions like ABG, Si Cecep, Karunia-mu, Habibi dan Habibah and Udin Pe'Ak. Some Films that she ever staring is Sweet 17, Kuntilanak and Ada Bayi Di SMU.

Feli has some tatoo in her body, a crown tatoo in her back, a chain tatoo in left foot and a hidden place in her body. Ratu Felisha ha a daughter Dasha Godiva that she adopted as her daughter.

In 2006 Feli make another controversy, he hit Dwi Andhika a guys who in that time a boy friend from Andien. He punished 3 month by the judges.

Ratu Felisha Filmography:
in 2004:
  • Buruan Cium Gue
  • Sweet 17
  • Ada Bayi Di SMU
  • Kuntilanak
  • Mau Lagi?
  • Hantu Perawan Jeruk Purut

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  1. Ratu Felisha the most controversy actress in Indonesia, but she is become better now I think

  2. ratu felisha you are so hot!!!!!!


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