Thursday, July 31, 2008

Asmiranda Effect

Biography of Asmiranda or Asmirandah:

Borned in Jakarta 5 October 1989 Asmiranda or can we call as Andah is a rising star in showbiz. She is single now and absolutely be a girl that you looking for, with talents and behaviour.

Asmirandah is a Television Cinema Actress. Start her career in Kawin Gantung, and popular after staring Inikah Rasanya? and Cinta SMU 2. The Indonesianese and Holand girl called Andah is a commercial star product like Gery Cokluut, Gery Saluut, Rexona, Suzuki Spin and Axe.

In 2008 Asmirandah staring a Film "Liar" with Rafi Ahmad and the other star. in English we know liar but it's not that means, the meaning is "Wild", so cute so wild that's anda.

Asmiranda get the axe effect

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nadia Saphira Jomblo Celebrities Indonesian Celebrities

Biography of Nadia Saphira:

Borned in Jakarta, 20 October 1987 Nadia Saphira is an Indonesian actress, Nadia start her career in modeling in a youth magazine. In a Film she start her career in Jomblo and that film make Nadia a famous star. Jomblo's staring by Ringgo Agus Rahman and Christian Sugiono too.

Nadia Saphira still study in Law Faculty in Pelita Harapan University (UPH). Ever act in Coklat Stroberi Film with Nino Fernandez, Fauzi Baadila and Marsha Timothy.

Nadia's Film

  1. Jomblo in 2005
  2. Coklat Stroberi in 2007
  3. Cintapuccino in 2007
  4. Coblos Cinta in 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artika Sari Devi

Biography for Artika Sari Devi:

Artika Sari Devi a Putri Indonesia 2004 popular also with Artika Sari Dewi name. Borned in Bangka Belitung (Indonesia) 29 November 1979. Artika has 168 cm height and 48 kg weight popular because the only one of Asian women that get in best 15th Miss Universe in Bangkok (Thailand) 30 May 2005 but still failed to be top ten.

Studying in Law Faculty Gadjah Mada University get education Magister in Notariat doesn't make Artika Sari Dewi left her carrier in showbiz. Artika act in Opera Jawa a musical film Film and be a presenter in Bedah Sekolah, a reality show. Success in carrie and her Study that make Artika still favourite by Indonesian people. Artika identically with beautiful and smart celebrities, may be like Dian Sastro too.

Artika's Boy Friend is Baim ex personel (vocalis) Ada Band who fully support in artika's study and career. Wow wonderful Artika who success in her career, education and love.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Titi Kamal New Album

wow Titi Kamal become a sensational actress now, the hot celebrities make a new album. With single hits Lebih Baik Sendiri. In that album Titi Kamal choose pop and R&B genre, not a dangdut song again so can she change an image as a jablay?

I think yes because in this album Titi make improvement in her technical vocal, she practice her voice and learn singing technical. In this Album Titi helped by Piyu and Yoyo from Padi, what an exciting album I guess that in Lebih Baik Sendiri or A lone is better she make a nice song.

Titi Kamal automatically become a new comer in Indonesian Music Business, not because follow the other celebrities like Sandra Dewi who becomme a singer with Luna Maya and Sandra Dewi, Titi really want to make improvement in her career. She want to be a colourfull Titi.

A lot of question may be think in our minds, can Titi Kamal's new album be more popular like her sound track Jablay. We know with Jablay Titi Kamal boost to be a Most Popular celebrities like now. Titi Kamal Will do the best for her career of course. BNow her profession is actress, entrepreneur and singer.

In studio Sparc, Cijantung, Jakarta (Indonesia) Titi Kamal make her first Music Video Clip with Single Hits Lebih Baik Sendiri, so who's next to be a singer like her?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sandra Dewi The Most Dewi


Sandra Dewi
, isn't Dewi Sandra but they had some similiarity. Sandra Dewi was borned in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung islands (Indonesia) 8 August 1983.

Palembangneese, Chineese, Sundaneese and Dutch blood to make the most beautiful celebrities. Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi is a daughter from Andreas Gunawan Basri and Chatarina Erliani couples, who start career in Miss Enchaneur 2002 and tourism embassador, but Sandra Dewi choose to concentrate in her study in London School of Public Relations Jakarta.

After that choice, Sandra Dewi back to showbiz and be a runner up of Fun Fearless Female Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006. Start her career popularity in staring a film Quickie Express with Amning and Tora Sudiro. Sandra start her popularity in television cinema Cinta Indah.

In Quickie Express Film Sandra choose as the best favourite new comers actress from Indonesian Movie award in 2008. Really an angel like her name Dewi meaned. Sandra fans name as Sanders.

The Real Indonesian Celebrities with rarely negative issue by infotainment, She is the most Dewi. In 2008 Sandra Dewi, Luna Maya and Dewi Sandra become a singer, they sing together in a song. The song tittle is "Play" the songs dedicated to Euro 2008.

Video Play Dewi Sandra, Luna Maya and Sandra Dewi. Enjoy that!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Putri Raemawasti Miss Indonesia

Putri Raemawasti was borned in Blitar, East Java (Indonesia), 5 December 1986. A princess with beautiful originally Indonesian javaneese face, and elegant body height 172 cm with eye color and black hair (wooghh.. really like a princess in our dream yeah she is Putri Raemawasti). Putri in Indonesia means Princess, so She become a princess now.

A student of Industrial engeenering faculty in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya. Putri Raemawasti an interesting, sexy, elegant and smart girl. We must apreciate her as a Miss Indonesia.

Putri Raemawasti represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. She has an aura like Artika Sari Devi, but Putri Raemawasti will deferent heh??

Like Raemawasti? or like her body? no nude bro I'm sorry it just Putri Raemawasti in swimsuit at miss universe 2008 event

OOPPS Miss USA 2008, Crystle Stewart Falling Down like her senior before!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Catherine Wilson is Keket

Catherine Wilson Biography:

Indonesian sexy model is Catherine Wilson born in Jakara, 25 February 1981, walking in catwalk with 167 cm height and 52 kg weight. We also can call her with honey name "keket". Second daughter of Peter Wilson and Rosita popular as a profesional model, and boosting her popularity with staring a film Pesan dari Surga with Luna Maya and Rianti Catwright.

Catherine Wilson Beautiful face (beautiful body of course) and her profesionalisme make a cosmetic branding coorporation Mustika Ratu give Keket as a commercial star. Beside that Catherine Wilson also staring a video clip as a model, like be a model in Gigi, Ruth Sahanaya, Chrisye, Tukul Wong Deso Arwana and Nukla video music clip.

Red and Blue (wogh... this color make us think a little naughty heh??) is Catherine Wilson's favourite color. Beside a job as an actress Keket have a entrepreneur soul, She make a Cafe 666 in Dago Bandung (wogh... its devil number honey, why not with your name catherine wilson cafe... or sexy and hot cafe wogh...)

Catherine Wilson is one of the most expensive model in Indonesia after Okky Asokawati and Arzetti Bilbina (yeah we will pay everything to see you of course!!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Titi Kamal The "Jablay" Entrepreneur

Kurniati Kamalia or was popular with Titi Kamal was borned in Jakarta, 7 Desember 1981, star her career in modeling, the winner of Aneka Yess Cover Girl 1997 is a daughter from Moch. Kamal Badry and Elly Rosniati.

Titi Kamal become most popular actress since staring Ada Apa Dengan Cinta Movie and staring a Slank Video Clip. She succesful with film Mendadak Dangdut and take a singing a song in that film Jablay.

Beside showbiz, Titi Kamal become an entrepreneur actress, she do a lot of business like a bussines woman, Sundaneese Restaurant with fast service and font kitchen style (wogh... i'm hungry now titi...)
Name of her restaurant is Riung Sari and Saung Titi.

Titi Kamal got Young Entrepreneurs Celebrity Award 2008 from a business magazine in Indonesia

Her boy Friend is Christian Sugiono, Christian is an actor too, they are a celebrities couple with the different religion.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jupe Julia Perez with Condom

Borned in Jakarta, 15 July 1980 in original name as Yuli Rachmawati, Popular with shout Jupe the sincronym from her name Julia Perez. Before popular in Indonesian entertainment this hot and sexy girl work in a company in Jakarta as a secretary.

Why JuPe use Perez as her last name? A foreign name to Indonesian people. Julia Perez got her Perez name because her husband is Damien Perez or after be a mosleem he use name as Yusuf Perez.

In abroad Julia Perez ever be a model in FHM Magazine and Maxim in France and got 100th nomination as the sexiest girls 2003.

Now she become a Television Cinema actress, comercial star and singer in Indonesia
Her Power in enticing face and body always make controversy, like her album "condom" or kondom Julia Perez the new one

(want this??? woghh....)

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