Friday, July 18, 2008

Titi Kamal New Album

wow Titi Kamal become a sensational actress now, the hot celebrities make a new album. With single hits Lebih Baik Sendiri. In that album Titi Kamal choose pop and R&B genre, not a dangdut song again so can she change an image as a jablay?

I think yes because in this album Titi make improvement in her technical vocal, she practice her voice and learn singing technical. In this Album Titi helped by Piyu and Yoyo from Padi, what an exciting album I guess that in Lebih Baik Sendiri or A lone is better she make a nice song.

Titi Kamal automatically become a new comer in Indonesian Music Business, not because follow the other celebrities like Sandra Dewi who becomme a singer with Luna Maya and Sandra Dewi, Titi really want to make improvement in her career. She want to be a colourfull Titi.

A lot of question may be think in our minds, can Titi Kamal's new album be more popular like her sound track Jablay. We know with Jablay Titi Kamal boost to be a Most Popular celebrities like now. Titi Kamal Will do the best for her career of course. BNow her profession is actress, entrepreneur and singer.

In studio Sparc, Cijantung, Jakarta (Indonesia) Titi Kamal make her first Music Video Clip with Single Hits Lebih Baik Sendiri, so who's next to be a singer like her?

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  1. mbak titi makin mantab nih
    body mpok yahud dech

  2. I want to listen titi kamal song soons
    lebih baik sendiri

  3. mbak titi multi talenta banget sih

  4. Titi Kamal bikin gw terkamal-kamal

  5. Masa sih bang? aye bikin abang gitu?


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