Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artika Sari Devi

Biography for Artika Sari Devi:

Artika Sari Devi a Putri Indonesia 2004 popular also with Artika Sari Dewi name. Borned in Bangka Belitung (Indonesia) 29 November 1979. Artika has 168 cm height and 48 kg weight popular because the only one of Asian women that get in best 15th Miss Universe in Bangkok (Thailand) 30 May 2005 but still failed to be top ten.

Studying in Law Faculty Gadjah Mada University get education Magister in Notariat doesn't make Artika Sari Dewi left her carrier in showbiz. Artika act in Opera Jawa a musical film Film and be a presenter in Bedah Sekolah, a reality show. Success in carrie and her Study that make Artika still favourite by Indonesian people. Artika identically with beautiful and smart celebrities, may be like Dian Sastro too.

Artika's Boy Friend is Baim ex personel (vocalis) Ada Band who fully support in artika's study and career. Wow wonderful Artika who success in her career, education and love.

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  1. Not all, but many of Miss (their own country) doesn't exist after they lose in Miss Universe competition. But Artika Sari Devi till now still exist in many ospect. Last year a branded Singapore company worked together with her as an icon, and got paid 1 Billion Rupiahs. Wondering why not wif one of miss SIngapore? Thats refer to Quality and existence of the person. Do not bring up country's topic.

  2. Of course I'm

    But I'm the Indonesian girl and I love Indonesia
    Indonesia is a big country :p

  3. What do u think about indonesia???


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