Friday, July 4, 2008

Nadine Chandrawinata Warm Personality

Nadine Chandrawinata was born 8 May 1984 in Hannover, Germany. She is a Puteri Indonesia 2006 and delegated representing Indonesia in Miss Universe 2006 in USA. Because of her warm personality she got 2nd position for Miss Congeniality in Miss Universe 2006

The Indo-Chinese-German (3 nation to make a beautiful girl like her.. wogh)

Nadine Chandrawinata is 174 cm height and 60 kg weight, an ideal body to enter in show business

Now Nadine become an actress, model and Comercial star. She has two brother, the twins Marcel Chandrawinata and Mischa Chandrawinata that have same profession like her (One Familiy in entertainment area woggghhhh...)

Her first film is Reality, Love, and Rok'nRoll and she also as an ambrassador from F1 Team Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2006, She is become a commercial star of Kiranti

Diving is a hobby of Nadine Chandrawinata (who want to dive with her??)

What next babe....

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  1. nadine a girl with one thousand face
    bahasa kitenye cewek seribu wajah

  2. nadine chandrawinata very beautiful girl but her english very terrible
    I like a beautiful, hot and stupid girls like nadine


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