Monday, July 14, 2008

Catherine Wilson is Keket

Catherine Wilson Biography:

Indonesian sexy model is Catherine Wilson born in Jakara, 25 February 1981, walking in catwalk with 167 cm height and 52 kg weight. We also can call her with honey name "keket". Second daughter of Peter Wilson and Rosita popular as a profesional model, and boosting her popularity with staring a film Pesan dari Surga with Luna Maya and Rianti Catwright.

Catherine Wilson Beautiful face (beautiful body of course) and her profesionalisme make a cosmetic branding coorporation Mustika Ratu give Keket as a commercial star. Beside that Catherine Wilson also staring a video clip as a model, like be a model in Gigi, Ruth Sahanaya, Chrisye, Tukul Wong Deso Arwana and Nukla video music clip.

Red and Blue (wogh... this color make us think a little naughty heh??) is Catherine Wilson's favourite color. Beside a job as an actress Keket have a entrepreneur soul, She make a Cafe 666 in Dago Bandung (wogh... its devil number honey, why not with your name catherine wilson cafe... or sexy and hot cafe wogh...)

Catherine Wilson is one of the most expensive model in Indonesia after Okky Asokawati and Arzetti Bilbina (yeah we will pay everything to see you of course!!)

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  1. denger2 lu ada main ama Tukul Arwana Wong Ndeso ya?
    Catherine Wilson emang hot lah
    boobs gitu loh

    how much?

  2. 15jt per night all in

  3. gw punya goceng dicelengan ayam
    mau gak U???

  4. hi catherine are u doing? just see your profile here in internet........and my mom know u cause she is your mom name is kenji and my mom is meity ....salam buat ibu km dari mama sy...........see u ....


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