Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lola Amaria The Enticing Lips

Her name is Lola Amaria, she was born in Jakarta, 30 July 1977. As an actress, director and producer (wow amazing girl!!!). She ever act in ca bau kan, novel without r, Beth, Dokuritsu and Deteour to Paradise. She producering Novel without R and Betina. Her Debut in directoring a film in Betina.

Her hobby is travelling, watching film, reading, eating and cooking (wow let's cook!!!)

What the enticing lips.... is'nt it?

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  1. lola sexy banget bibirnya

  2. lola amaria is a intelligent celebrities also
    I hope she will do he best for strugle in Indonesian Movie

  3. really hot & sexy lips
    so enticing lola

  4. raja sepong oooowwghhhh


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