Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sandra Dewi The Most Dewi


Sandra Dewi
, isn't Dewi Sandra but they had some similiarity. Sandra Dewi was borned in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung islands (Indonesia) 8 August 1983.

Palembangneese, Chineese, Sundaneese and Dutch blood to make the most beautiful celebrities. Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi is a daughter from Andreas Gunawan Basri and Chatarina Erliani couples, who start career in Miss Enchaneur 2002 and tourism embassador, but Sandra Dewi choose to concentrate in her study in London School of Public Relations Jakarta.

After that choice, Sandra Dewi back to showbiz and be a runner up of Fun Fearless Female Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006. Start her career popularity in staring a film Quickie Express with Amning and Tora Sudiro. Sandra start her popularity in television cinema Cinta Indah.

In Quickie Express Film Sandra choose as the best favourite new comers actress from Indonesian Movie award in 2008. Really an angel like her name Dewi meaned. Sandra fans name as Sanders.

The Real Indonesian Celebrities with rarely negative issue by infotainment, She is the most Dewi. In 2008 Sandra Dewi, Luna Maya and Dewi Sandra become a singer, they sing together in a song. The song tittle is "Play" the songs dedicated to Euro 2008.

Video Play Dewi Sandra, Luna Maya and Sandra Dewi. Enjoy that!!!

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  1. sandra dewi muach muach
    love you very much

  2. She is so beautiful
    is she still single?

  3. like a antique furnitures
    if you're my mine
    I'll keep you in my touch baby
    so beaytiful you're

  4. weks ga ada foto bugilnya sandra dewi nih??


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