Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Velove Vexia Be Love

Biography of Velove Vexia indocel.blogspot.com:

Borned in Jakarta 13 March 1990 Velove Vexia Kaligis is a new comer in Indonesian showbiz. Starting career in television cinema with successfully television cinema Olivia in 2007 which is her debut in showbiz. Act as Olivia and Ruben whos girl camuflate her self become a boy which television cinema beat the rating from television show the other television cinema Intan.

Velove Vexia who is the daughter from a popular lawyer in Indonesia O.C. Kaligis and her mother is Alfa Lolita. The new comer like her and Asmiranda is a rising star in Indonesia.

Velove Vexia or also can we call as Velove ever become a commercial star and a model in music video clip from Iksan Idol and The Titans. The Manado girl finished her study in Global Jaya High School and want to study in Canada or france for university. Velove also hunted by infotainment because her close relation with Rafi Achmad.

Why people like Velove Vexia:
  1. Velove has a natural act
  2. Not really a feminim girl but can be a feminim, she is a simple girl
  3. First debut in television cinema, she got a chalange act and success with that
  4. Independence girl, she is rich and beautiful girl, a beautiful and rich girl identic with stupid grl, but Velove still want to study.
  5. She success to build her image.

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  1. I subscribe this site in my e-mail, and impressed by this celebrities, yes she is my favourite actress. After Sandra Dewi.

    Thanks for this pictures, and I hope you'll give the hot information too for what happening in Indonesian celebrities

  2. oh yes
    I'm forget
    and a big improvement you make
    indocel.blogspot.com for woman celebrities
    artispria.blogspot.com for man celebrities
    it will make us comfort to read your site and I'll easier to find my favourite woman celebrities

    thanks regard

  3. hello im kazuya from brunei darussalam?boleh saya tnya?

  4. hello im kazuya from brunei darussalam.boleh saya tnya?

  5. Hello! boleh saya tanya sesuatu? saya sangat suka cerita yang loe lakonkan tu. ' Olivia' best betul! ^ ___ ^

  6. Boleh lakonkan sekali lagi velove yang loe berlakon cerita olivia tu. Sebab aku rasa loe dan Raffi Ahmad tu cocok skali. Plz.......

  7. hi vel..bisa bagi aku ym kamu?
    ini ym aku ya..add donk..

  8. Hi..sy tmpau minat ama ko ne...huhuhu.Ko ni cntik btul..!!

  9. vel kok lo bisa putus sh sm rafi ahmad????????????


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